Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Home Destroyed By Falling Tree - Do Worries Like These Keep You Up at Night?

Ever since we moved into our house, this worry has kept me up at night. 

With every raging storm, I have been convinced that the whining, creaking sounds outside are emanating from a tree about to collapse.

 Last weekend those worries rose to the surface again.  

It's not always easy to see the silver linings in the gathering clouds. 

It's not easy to be thankful when plans are upended and unexpected situations take away time, money, future plans or good health. 

Sometimes, however a prevailing feeling helps us to understand that even when seemingly bad things happen, there is goodness within.

Since I wrote my last blog post a week ago, a huge tree came crashing down, in our garden. When Jonny (my hubbie) posted a picture of said tree on Facebook, a friend commented,

"Never a dull moment in the Cannon household." 

And that was an understatement.

Too right! It's never dull!.....

So where is the silver lining and how can you find it in your life when you're thrown a curve ball or a tree?

For some reason I have been very fixated on the tree. 

Truth be told, I've never liked it or its triplets much. It was a huge Pine, with a high center of gravity and little beauty. It did however give shade to the garden and homes to the birds.

 On Sunday morning, after high winds the previous night, one of its two huge limbs came crashing down in plain sight of Jonny and Jacob, who watched its demise as they sat,  jaws dropped, at the kitchen table. 

Aron came flying out of his bedroom as the tree waved past his window, grazing the glass as it crashed to the ground with earthquake tremors.  

As we took stock of this, we could not help but admire, how it had scratched but not damaged our house. How it had lightly dented but not knocked over our garden fence. 

And how it lay in pieces, as though angels' hands had broken large branches in mid air so that they fell in a heap beside the ground floor windows, kissing the panes.

The tree made a huge mess and cost a small fortune to have removed. 

The silver lining? 

No one was hurt. Nothing was damaged. And apart from the stump, you would never know, looking at the garden now, the hassle it caused. 

The tree man kept reiterating how lucky we were. How it should have landed on the roof or knocked down the fence, shaking his head in disbelief.

And that is what I keep thinking about. 

How lucky and grateful we are. How much worse it could or should have been. This tree was rotten down through its trunk. It could have fallen at any time and at many different angles. It could have hurt one of us or made a hole in the roof and cost a whole lot more to repair.

But it didn't.

It is our own little miracle and for that we are truly thankful. 

It's a perfect Thanksgivukkah combination.

Wishing all of you, opportunities to find the silver linings in your clouds and here's hoping for a very dull week in the Cannon household. 

Happy Thanksgiving, happy Hanukkah, happy week to you, whether or not you are celebrating.

Now go check your trees!


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  1. How very frightening. I had noticed you have been rather quiet on FB . In the Uk in 87 when we had the hurricane it was amazing how many trees came down and missed the houses by fractions. Do you have a wood burning stove? Bless you Gilly.

    1. As with many situations, all the' what ifs' go through your mind, after the fact. No ,no tree burning stove or wood burning fireplace. It all got hauled way. The wood was very rotten. It was a crazy week and this was just the tip of it Jo! Thanks for your message. Gillyx

  2. I used to be kept awake by the thought of a very tall tree crashing down into my kids room during a storm. I would even move them in their sleep to the spare room. Then one day I called a tree surgeon and had it cut down... now I stay awake worrying if the basement will flood...

    1. Isn't it amazing how quickly we move our worry to the next situation, if we solve the first one? You found a solution for your tree worry, now you need to find a way to ease your flooding worry. I hope you do, so you can get some sleep. :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, Gilly!! I am so thankful that your home was not damaged as much as it could have been. How like you to see the silver lining in things, even when life has a way of crashing down. Sending blessings to you and your family! Marie

    1. We were very lucky Marie.We have had many crises to deal with and this has definitely been one of the better outcomes. As you know it's all relative and when your family has been struck with serious and life threatening illness, other difficulties pale. I have found a lot of comfort believing there were angels hurriedly breaking up the branches, before they fell to the ground!Whatever works, right? Thank you for your message. Gx

  4. A story about miracles and perspective:
    a young Jewish man dying of cancer in hospital is visited by a student chaplain who asks if he wants to say anything to God. The man says the only Jewish prayer he knows is the blessing for the Hanukkah candles. At first, though sad at the man's unsophisticated knowledge of his rich heritage, the chaplain says "of course, go ahead" and the man says "God is the God who performs miracles in the old days and today..I could use one today".

    Thank God you're all okay. Haggim Sameach x

    1. Is that a true story?told to a chaplain I know? We could all use miracles today at some point in our lives. . I think they are still happening-we just have to recognize them.Call them whatever you are comfortable with. Some things defy explanation. They definitely do not appear accompanied by a sound and light show! Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving to you too. Gx

  5. Glad to see you're okay!! Get your other trees pruned ASAP