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Gilly (pronounced Jilly) Cannon grew up in London and is an accomplished educator and counselor. Gilly received her degree in mathematics and education from the University of Cambridge in England and her post graduate certificate in counseling from The National Youth Agency in the UK. She also earned a certificate in diagnosing and remediating math difficulties from Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA. 

During her educational career, Gilly has been a teacher, math coordinator, principal and founded and directed the learning support department at Carmel International School in Hong Kong.

More recently in the USA, Gilly has worked as a hospice volunteer coordinator, bereavement group facilitator and designed and implemented a number of major projects, including Bringing Books of Comfort - a backpack of books that forms part of a community response to support children at a time of loss. She also designed and implemented Arts Chai Lights which is the celebration of the Arts at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, attracting over 800 people annually.

Currently, Gilly is Director of Children's Bereavement Services at Hospice Caring Inc. Having completed her Life Coach training with Martha Beck in March 2017, Gilly is now also taking private clients who would like to brainstorm about their life challenges using life coaching techniques. Gilly's goal is to bring you comfort and confidence to forge ahead and find your most fulfilling life.

In her personal life, in October 2011 Gilly found herself in a renewed role as caregiver, caring for her sick husband during his descent into, and recovery from a serious illness called Trigeminal Neuralgia. 

It was the positive response to Gilly's health updates, which included lessons for life and practical ways to bring comfort, that led Gilly to begin her blog "Brainstorm". 

Drawing on her professional and personal experiences and a British sense of humor, Gilly now focuses her posts on strategies that bring comfort to her readers in challenging times. 

Her topics range from coping with serious illness and grief to dealing with family, parenting and educational difficulties. The blog has rapidly increased its readership and impact in the broader community and this has led Gilly to add writer to her resume!
Gilly has been married to Jonathan for 28 years and together they have survived him being Head of Jewish Day Schools for 18 years! They have three wonderful, messy sons and the whole family loves chocolate and tea. (The real deal British versions.)

Gilly's credits include being an advisor on Shabbat rituals for an episode of the West Wing, which also starred her grandmother's candlesticks!

You can email Gilly at gillycannon@gmail.com
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  1. Great blog Gilly!
    This Woman's Words~

    1. Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll come back soon.

  2. Wow, what a challenge! I love your blog, have only just stumbled upon it and read a few articles. Twitter is amazing for helping people to find each other!
    I'll continue to read with great compassion and interest. I'm not caring for anyone, nor do I know anyone with trigeminal neuralgia - I'm just inspired by how much this must take from anyone!

    1. Hi Liesel,
      How lovely to meet you! I'm so glad you found me on twitter and appreciate you taking the time to read brainstorm and learn about trigeminal neuralgia. It's a gruesome disease. The people I have met with it are incredibly courageous.I will make sure to follow you. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment too. I hope you come back often and feel free to subscribe with your email so that you receive each new post to your in-box.
      Looking forward to 'chatting' more with you here and on Twitter. Gilly