Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Amazon.com is Bringing Me Comfort!

Amazon.com is having a party!      
Because they know I am SO behind in packing my 12 year old for 4 weeks of sleep away camp that they are going to get lots of business from me in the next 36 hours! 

I am on a tight deadline. 

Two large packed duffle bags have to be ready by this coming Sunday morning and honestly, I started the packing process just 4 hours ago. 

I threw all Jacob's clothes on to the bed in the playroom and rapidly calculated how short he was of.... well.... shorts...... and underwear, and socks. What did I discover?  Jacob has 52 T-shirts, many inherited from his older brothers, 5 pairs of shorts and one, yes, just one sweatshirt. Where are the others? I am guessing they are lost in the lost clothing cloud with the odd socks and winter gloves that have also gone missing.

So off Jacob and I went to Target. Not suprisingly  all the other parents in the area had been more forward planning than me and had emptied the stock of "camp necessary " gear. We rummaged through and found some of what we needed. The rest is on my Amazon Prime order. Which is why they are so happy with me and truth be told why I am so relieved to know I can always order from them last minute, without paying extra shipping. That brings me much comfort in these crazy moments.

It has been a rush.

 I have been so caught up in end of term celebrations for the boys, end of job tributes and parties for Jonny and end of life commemorations for families who are grieving for their loved ones. 

It has been a long few weeks as I have discussed in my previous posts. Many families in our community have had and continue to have such challenging, life changing things to deal with and I like many others have offered help and support and will continue to do so. 

And I'm also trying to remember that these are not my personal tragedies and I have to be grounded so I can bring comfort for the long haul to my friends and also be present for my family.

So now it is time to turn a little inward.  I need to get back to the mundane and organize my boys ( fast!). I need to put names on 20 pairs of socks and all those damn t-shirts and help Jonny organize himself before he starts his consultancy, by traveling to Boston. (He also leaves on Sunday-although I don't think he needs his clothing named, thank goodness!) 

I am also preparing to open all those Amazon boxes that should arrive before the weekend AND the thank you note from Amazon  for shoring up their share prices.

Please tell me how you are coping with summer transitions and who is benefitting from your last minute planning! ( It'll make me feel better to know I'm not alone.)


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  1. Finding grounding to stay present for our families is truly the challenge...
    beautiful writing as usual, Gilly dear.

    1. Thanks Kara-I'm glad you highlight this point. In order to be there for others, I am learning( very slowly) that recharging and grounding is vital but hard to do in practice. Any advice on how to do that?

  2. Amazon is my go to place for almost everything. Bought a lawn mower (cordless electric) from them with Prime "free" shipping. Of course we pay for it (what, about $79 a year?), but as much as I use it (and you too, I gather), we come out way ahead. Wish I had bought stock in them back when I could.

    1. Yes -at less than $6.60 a month for our family of last minute shoppers, it's a no-brainer ( I wasn't even paid by Amazon to say that!) We had a safe shipped free and you can imagine what that must have cost to deliver! As a friend of mine on FB said, Amazon is my friend. :-)

  3. Can totally relate, Gilly! Amazon is like my BFF.

    We're leaving to head home this week! YAY! Amazon already helped me to send a present for each child to our destination waiting for us :)

    So funny about your son's t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts too. My son has about a million t-shirts and I think three pairs of shorts that fit. You may be down to one sweatshirt by somehow my son lost his shoes last week! No sneakers to be found! That's when I hit up my other BFF, Zappos.

    Hope your son has a blast at camp!


    1. Yes I think Zappos is my next addiction! Friends who love Amazon wax lyrical about Zappos too.
      So glad our sons have so much in common. Your son's shoes are with all my son's sweatshirts. Perhaps we could trade clothing?!

      My husband told me that in the lost property collection at his school there are dozens of odd shoes. Does that mean lots of kids are hobbling around on one foot???

      Have a wonderful trip home. It will be great to know you are in the same time zone.