Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Mile In My Shoes - update

About 5 weeks ago I wrote a post called How Do You Cope? This was part of a Coping Carnival initiated by a blogger Rebecca at her site Here Come The Girls. A few days ago she published a link to my post along with 5 other bloggers' links about how different people cope with the challenges in their lives.

These stories are stories of struggle, survival and joyful living in the face of great challenges.They are truly inspiring.

If you didn't get to read mine here is the link.

Rebecca published in two parts. My link can be found on her site with others at

Other blogger's have written about being a single mother by choice, living with a child with autism, coping with twins, living with a spouse who works shifts while caring for 4 girls under 5, being an older parent and more . You can read some of these at.

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  1. Good for you Gilly, for publicizing this. I think it's so important to read about others' less than perfect lives to realise that everyone has their problems and very few people have charmed lives 100% of the time. It also makes you thankful for your own problems and not someone else's. Some of these people are truly inspirational with what they have to cope with and how they do it.

  2. Thanks to you Rachel ,I took part in this in the first place! Yes reading other people's stories certainly puts your own in perspective.Please let me know of other opportunities, it was a great experience.
    and to every one else - visit Rachel's great blog at