Monday, August 11, 2014

6 Ways to Bring Light Into a Dark World

Our world is in a period of great turmoil.

Negative clouds have thrown shadows over the goodness in the world.   

 The 24/7 news is bombarding us with images of hatred, death and destruction.

In addition to a daily diet of shootings, rape and racism, the news is now replete with the horrific actions of terrorist groups: ISIS, Boko Haram and Hamas. Children have been kidnapped and murdered. Planes have disappeared or been shot down. Overt anti-semitism has returned to Europe. And Ebola has reared its ugly head. 

Facebook, twitter and emails are filled to the brim with negativity and vitriolic, hateful comments.

We are feeling angry, afraid, anxious and depressed.

We feel like helpless witnesses to a world that is out of balance.

How can we temper this darkness  so that we don't sink into an abyss?

How can we possibly make a difference?

I believe a way to do this, is to put out positivity into the world to counter balance each negative emotion.

If you feel helpless, find a way to be helpful.
If you are shocked by the destruction, be creative. 
To lessen the evil, be kind. 
If you feel sad, find joy.
If you are fearful, be courageous.
If you are overwhelmed by the hate, show love and gratitude.

Here are some specific suggestions to bring more light into our lives and the world.

1. If you feel Helpless-----> Here are some ways to be Helpful

Direct your attention to people in your neighborhood, you can help.
Donate your time and $$$  to causes and charities that inspire you.
Visit someone who is housebound with a Starbucks, a hug and fresh berries.

2. If you are shocked by the Destruction-----> Find ways to  Create and Build

 Do something that involves you creating, repairing, joining, connecting or adding value to something and helps it improve, grow stronger, or look more beautiful.

Try choosing one of these and ask others to join you.

Color with your kids.
Create a piece of art.
Visit a museum.
Bake a cake.
Help someone solve a problem.
Paint a wall in your house.
Knit a scarf.
Fix that leaky tap.
Plant some seeds or buy some flowers and arrange them.

3. If you are horrified by the Evil------- > Focus on Kindness

Post quotes or pictures that inspire kindness, laughter, goodness and appreciation on your fridge or pinboard, Face Book or Twitter, Pintrest or Instagram.

Send an article to your friends about a happy story, kind gesture or heart warming scenario. 

Call a friend or neighbor to check on them, invite them for coffee or tea, or to go for a walk.

4. If the news makes you feel terribly Sad--------> Take action to fill your heart and others' with Joy.

Take a break from the news/Facebook.
Give hugs.
Play happy music, loudly and dance.
Get out into nature.
Play with a toddler or baby or pet.
Smile at other people.
Spend time with a friend who makes you laugh.

5. If you are feeling great Fear----------> Do something that demands Courage

Reconnect with someone you've lost touch with.
Learn a new skill.
Do something you've been procrastinating about -clean the garage, get that medical check up, call your great Aunt.

6. If you are overwhelmed by the Hate--------->Counter-balance it with  Love and Gratitude

Spend more time with people who value and appreciate you.
Communicate your gratitude to your neighbor, mail carrier or pharmacist.  

Thank a co-worker, your spouse, the dog. 
Write positive comments on FB posts, newspaper articles and blog posts.
Compliment at least 1 person every day.

I'm not naive. I know these actions will not change  ISIS' nightmarish behavior,  bring about peace in the Middle East or eliminate racism. 

But I believe, we can sow small seeds of hope in our little patch of world, by lighting the darkness with positive thoughts and actions and starting a ripple of kindness, hope and love. 

How are all the world challenges affecting you?

Please suggest some ways you have found to bring more light into our world?

Sending love and gratitude to you all.

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  1. Thank you Gilly for your most timely blog. It is a wonderful reminder that we can and do make a difference in this increasingly complex world.

    1. I really believe kindness and love ripple just as cruelty and hate do. We all have a choice. And that choice gives us some control. Choosing to add more goodness and light to the world rather than focusing on the darkness lifts our spirits and gives us hope. I appreciate you! Gillyx

  2. It is certainly the only worth while response , ripples of kindness.

    1. It's the only response I can live with, Jo! The haters are going to hate, whatever I think or write in response. I'd rather spend my time using positive energy than stirring up more negativity. There seems to be more than enough of that. Kindness seems to be a much more productive path to choose. Thanks very much for your comment. So glad to have you in my life. Gillyx

  3. Heart-felt, practical, and full of positive energy. I used key words #light and #negativity in a twitter share. Next time I'll use the word #positivity instead. Thank you, Gilly. I knew you'd have something wonderful to say once the shock settled a little. Kindness and beauty are constant helpers for me in all circumstances. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine. In this unsettled world, it often feels as though we are in control of so little. At times like this, turning to the beauty and reliability of nature and helping others can bring us great comfort. Your positivity always inspires me. Gx