Sunday, July 14, 2013

5 Rewarding Reasons to Take a Risk-Why It's Worth Getting Your Feet Wet.

Here's a secret you didn't know about me. 

I really don't like walking barefoot. I know some of you hate wearing shoes but I don't like to be without them.

I wear my shoes from the moment I get out of bed until I get back in again. Yes I do take them off to shower and to put on socks, but even if it is flip-flops, I always have something on my feet. 

I don't like the feeling of crumbs (and in our house they feel as though they are everywhere)  or kitchen tile in-between or under my toes and my feet are often cold so shoes of some kind, off-set that. 

And here's another secret......
........ I like the feeling of being a little taller with my shoes on.(Even my flip-flops are wedged!) So now you have this vital information we can get on with the story.

Today, with my regular walking partner, out of town, I decided to go to one of my favorite 'quiet' walking spots. 

For some reason I was up at 5.30am. Unable to get back to sleep,  with a cup of tea in hand I was itching for a walk by 6.45am. 

I knew where I was going would be grassy and wet. I had a choice to wear closed shoes or flip-flops. Against my normal, sensible(?) judgement I chose my flip-flops. 

It was already 76 degrees and gray and humid. The gnats were out in battalions and I was trying to outpace them. The grass I was walking on had recently been mown.There was a fine layer of dew, topping dried green blades on the path I was walking.  Rapidly my toes and flipflops were caked in grass cuttings. 

I can't tell you I was enamored  with the feeling of damp grass between my toes. I tried not to focus on the slimy build-up.

Yet something I learned  for sure was.....that it is in taking the first brave step that you learn something new.........( including me showing you pictures of my toes!!)

 But there were a few other things that had occurred to me by the end of my stroll. 

These thoughts will resonate with your work or home life. As a parent, a spouse, a friend, a caregiver, a leader or team player these might well be relevant to you in one of these roles.

1. Sometimes you have to get your feet dirty in order to accomplish something.

2. Sometimes you think you are making no progress, but you are actually leaving footprints.

3. Sometimes the path you are taking seems unclear and overgrown but when you look closely you can discern it and find your way.

4.Sometimes you think there is nothing special to be found in a sea of clover, but a  delicate, umbrella mushroom growing quietly and proudly shows you that first impressions are not what they seem and in the crowd there is a treasure.

5. Sometimes you just have to begin, even though you don't know where you are going. And have faith that things will become clearer as you wend your way.

.....and sometimes taking a risk and wearing  flip-flops, against your better judgement is just what you needed to heighten your awareness.

You never know, next time I might take a bigger leap of faith and go barefoot!

Do you prefer shoes or no shoes? When and why? 

When have you taken a small, but significant step in your work or home life that has led you to a new understanding or on a new adventurous path?

Inspired? Feeling comforted? Let me know and share this post with your friends.

Have a great week.


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  1. The rest of my family tends to go barefoot when shoes are not required, but I'm like you. Be it slippers, flip flops, shoes, or hiking boots, if I'm not in bed, there is something on my feet (and not just socks)....

    1. Glad to find another obsessive shoe wearer, Bill. How about the beach or the pool- do you walk on the sand without shoes?

      If I have my way I will get to the waters' edge with my trusty flip flops! The biggest issue with the walk in the grass was that my flip flops were wet for the rest of the day and I couldn't put them back on.....


  2. What a wonderful post. You are right! Sometimes you just have to get your feet wet.

    I prefer shoes. I don't like my feet, so they are often covered up. Hee hee! I have a foot thing.

    Yes, my life is about other paths. My life has been a series of learning adventures - things not quite working how I want them no matter how hard i try - which then brings me to a different path. I'm assuming that one day, I will be on the right path. Yes, it's all about having faith.

    Thanks so much for this post. You are always so inspiring.

    1. Taking the first step is hard but worth it.! You'd never know if the path was right or not otherwise.Being on one will hopefully lead you to the path that feels best for you.
      Thanks for your feedback and support Lisa.

  3. Thanks - don't normally see it so close up!