Monday, February 11, 2013

Parent Alert: Your Mother was Right

It's a particularly grey, bleak London day here in Potomac Maryland. The dirty white sky and naked tree branches set off against it, look mournful and resigned. 

The streets are empty and I am curled up in our living room trying to write a blog post. 

There are many things I could tell you about.

I could show you the picture I took of Benjy raising both arms in the air to show me how well he has healed from his shoulder surgery. A picture that reminds me that unlike Jonny's surgical experience most people heal quickly and smoothly from their procedures. They follow the healing protocol and come out of the experience unscathed. 

Five weeks after surgery, the sling is off and the physical therapy and Benjy's commitment to his recovery is ensuring an excellent result.

I could talk about Aron's graduation this past weekend. How my eyes welled at unexpected moments. Emotions wound their way around images of a newly healthy husband, who is also Head of School, wrapping  his  son in a bear hug as he gives him his graduation certificate.

I could try to explain that the weekend was filled to the brim with joy and excitement. Our house buzzed with our friends and Aron's. And that thankfully they were there celebrating with us rather than commiserating on the latest Cannon catastrophe.

I could express how Aron's imminent departure for a three month trip with his graduated class, makes me feel. 

It is a different kind of ache, from the pain I felt when Benjy our first born left for the same trip. And I am reminded of my mother's wise words just before Aron was born.

 I worried then that I had given all my love to my first child. How would I find more for a second? 

And she explained that each child brings out a different kind of love in their mother. But it is a love that is just as strong and passionate as it is unique. 

And now at the age of seventeen, that is what Aron does. 

He brings out an inexplicable deep ache in me and the urge to hug and protect the son who towers above me and as an EMT and firefighter, is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

But really of all the wonderful things that happened this weekend, the  moment I really want to share with you is the moment before I went to sleep on Sunday night. 

Everyone was accounted for and in his own bed.

 I peeked into each room kissing each of my children in turn and wished them goodnight. 

My heart was at peace knowing we would all be asleep under the same roof. I took deep, reassuring breaths that for that one night at least,  everyone was once again, close enough and healthy enough that I could touch, hug and hold each of them in turn. Our sons were all home with Jonny and me and all was right with the world.

My mother was right! I'm glad she's here from London, to celebrate with us and I can almost accept hearing from her,  "I told you so!" (She hasn't said it yet...)

Today it might be bleak outside, but inside the weather is perfect!

Hope things are good for you. Keep in touch and let me know what you are thinking.....


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  1. I never say "I told you so." I never know which bits I said anyone has listened to! The whole weekend was wonderful and I am glad to have been here for it. Love the blog - love Mummy

    1. Thanks Mum! And since you're always right, I'm glad you love the blog and you took the time to comment! Gillyxx

  2. My Mother was ALWAYS right. Infuriating.

    Thing is, she is not here to tell me "I told you so", unfortunately. But, still, I talk to her and say - yep, you were right!

    I really really wish my Mom was here to see my kids reach their milestones like yours is for you. Moms, they should be honored and adored. They are our gift (not just saying this because I'm a Mom, but because I had the best Mom out there).

    Thank you, Gilly. You are one of a kind! I just love your blog.

    1. Lisa-It must be tough without your Mom. It sounds as though you honor her memory frequently, by acting on what she taught you. Hopefully one day our kids will agree that we gave them sound advice.....Thank you for your generous feedback and for visiting Brainstorm often. it is a pleasure getting to know you.

  3. Lovely post and we had a lovely time. Thank you for including us.

  4. Thanks Corey. So glad to be celebrating. Thanks for joining us. Gilly

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