Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finding Inspiration In The Everyday - 4

You couldn't make this up! This is an inspirational, true story about intersecting lives.

Meet Aron C. and Jacob B.

Aron was born in the UK:Both his parents are British.(Yes I'm his Mom.)
Jacob was born in the USA:One parent is American, one is Mexican.

Aron and Jacob went to a preschool together in Hong Kong.

Aron is on the left Jacob is on the right
 Both their families had relocated there for work and Aron and Jacob can be seen in this picture in the class for 3 year olds in The Carmel Pre-School in Hong Kong.....

When Jacob's family left Hong Kong the boys and their parents lost touch with each other.

Fast Forward 14 years.

Aron is now living in Potomac, Maryland. 
Jacob is now living in Bethesda, Maryland just a few miles away.

Aron and Jacob both attend the SAME high school( CESJDS)  a year apart. They do not know each other well  or spend time together in school.

Both of them have dreamed of being firefighters since they were little boys.
Both are determined to follow their childhood passion.

Both signed up with the SAME fire house, Aron a few months before Jacob.

Both of them  chose independently to take the SAME firefighting class this past summer

And both graduated  as firefighters at the SAME ceremony.

Here they are 14 years later graduating together.

Aron on left and Jacob on right with their certificates

The everyday is truly inspirational! 

I could not have made this up, planned it or created the moment I stood with Jacob's Mom and we wiped tears from our eyes as we watched them being sworn in together as firefighters.

The world works in mysterious ways and at times there are no words, just a jaw dropping awesome feeling that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Do you have a true story that sounds like fiction?  Please tell me below. We all need inspiration!

Have a great weekend


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  1. Coincidences are our own personal miracles. I love this story.

    1. Beautifully put Rachel. When you hear a story like this, you can only shake your head and marvel at how it all comes together!
      A peaceful weekend to you and everyone we know.

  2. Oh my goodness, Gilly, this is unbelievable. Especially that Both Aron and Jacob were committed to finishing the firefighter program (at the same place). We think we know a lot, but this makes me think about how much must be going on behind the curtain!

    Going to sneak a peak behind the curtains around me-who knows?


    1. Yes Jessie that is so true.-Let me know what you find behind the curtain. I think everyone has a story like this....
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. WOW! That's quite a historical photo, there. I recognize a little plump-cheeked girl in the front...

    1. Arozora -yes it is such a nostalgic photo, I agree. Aron was plump cheeked too then! No sign of that now. The years have flown by........
      Tanks for commenting.