Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To Find Inspiration In The Every Day -1

If you, like me, spend a lot of your day with your nose almost touching your smart phone, it's easy to miss the uplifting, inspiring, unexpected, kind gestures and beauty that are just out of our line of vision!

My 3 boys have grown up with me constantly reminding them to look up at the sky, admire the trees and capture the sunsets. They have tried not to  roll their eyes as I have insisted they come and look at something out the window or witness the kindness of a stranger. (See Degrees Of Certainty

But now they are often telling me to look at an unusual bird or building they have spotted. Sometimes they send me pictures of it. Something wonderful or unexpected they have seen as they have gone about their day.

So here is my inspirational picture for the week for you.

I was parking my car in a car park and as I got out I noticed the unusual leaves on the tree right in front of me. I have parked there many times BUT never stopped to really study the foliage. 

Take a look...I hope the picture will make you smile and hopefully bring some inspiration to your day.

Tree of Hearts
So if you have a chance to look, up, outwards or away from your phone, I would love to post inspiring pictures of things  that you have come across  unexpectedly  in your every day life, in the coming weeks. Please send them to

Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. I always look at the clouds and especially the sunsets. I love trees aswell but English trees were so much more dramatic than Israeli trees I find. *sighs* I miss English trees.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I can send you pictures of American ones(not the same as seeing them I know) but they are truly spectacular right now.
      I also love clouds and take pictures of them all the time. Now my iphone is cloud clogged and I will have to delete!
      Shabbat shalom

  2. I love heart shaped leaves